Music of Harold Laudenslager

Twelve-Tone Harmony:  A Musical Legacy

(1920 -1971)

“Violinist Harold Laudenslager, remembered not so 
much for his ability on the violin, which was tremendous, but for his composing, which was of legendary beauty. A composer of deep sensitivity, highly original in thought and prolific in output.”  
(Collins George, Detroit Free Press)

Welcome to the site dedicated to the music and memory of Harold Laudenslager. 

Harold was a violinist with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in the 1950s, when it began its resurgence under the great French conductor, Paul Paray. In addition, h
e was also a prolific composer of contemporary classical music and his signature was a system of composition he called "Twelve-Tone Harmony," which used a large palette of frequently ignored chordal structures.  Harold's music is unique in this respect, and he applied his technique in a wide variety of music --- from choral works to orchestral suites, concerti and string quartets. 

Here you will find information on Harold's life and his music, comments from music critics and contemporaries, and several recordings of his most celebrated pieces...